Tailwinds Jubilee

 OUR BENGALS ARE PK-D, PRA, FRV, FELV NEGATIVE.  We do not test fot HCM but many of our cats have been tested by other catteries and to my knowledge there has never been involvement, testing does not confirm that there can never be involvement. it confirms the cats condition on the day of the test.


Another beautiful son of Sully,   Mom is Tailwinds Moonbeam. 

Airbourne is available for rehoming as a whole male to an approved cattery.  He is beautiful, sweet, no rib bars, nice tail, excellent markings pretty head and personality plus.  Also proven.  He has an exceptional pedigree that includes many famous cats that donated richly to making the beautiful cats we have today.  Pedigree available at www.bengalpedigrees.com

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These cats are not on metal floors, they are on a metal shelf in their run that I feed them on.   They also enjoy napping there too!

 Our cats  are registered with The International Cat Association  (T.I.C.A.).

Our cattery name is registered with C.F.A.

Mom is Tailwinds Moonbeam sire is Sully.  Dory is available as a pet of for breeding she is very sweet and loves attention.



​​Tailwinds  Constellation

Tailwinds  HunkyDorie


What should a Bengal cat look like ?

Stella is named after my mother.  Stella is very sweet and she is a good mother, she is available for breeding or as an altered pet.


Tailwinds Airbourne

If your cat is standoffish — or if she just plain doesn’t like you! — you’ll need to give her a reason to want to spend time with you and endure your advances. Grabbing your cat or forcing attention on her will only worsen the problem. Be patient, and try these strategies. Ignore your cat: Have you ever noticed that given a choice of laps to sit on, a cat will always pick the person who dislikes cats the most? While it’s true that cats like to mess with people, the real explanation is that cats interpret human attempts to catch, pet, cajole or otherwise force their attentions on the cat as aggressive behavior, and who wants to be friends with someone aggressive? By ignoring your cat, you not only refrain from behavior that could be interpreted as aggressive, but also pique her interest. Bribe your cat. I’ve never met a cat who didn’t want to gobble down a freshly opened can of Fancy Feast, or some deli turkey.  If the kitty won’t come out from under the bed, slide the can under. Move away from her, but don’t leave the room. If she refuses to take your bribe, retrieve it and leave. If you allow her to eat it when you aren’t in the room, she won’t learn to associate you with the yummy treat. Talk to your cat: When you’re in the cat’s presence, talk out loud as you go about your business. You don’t have to make meaningful conversation; the sound of your voice is all that’s important. As your cat becomes more adjusted to the way you sound, he will begin to relax more in your presence. Read to your cat, if you talk on the phone the cat thinks you are talking to the cat!: I have found that one of the most effective ways to make a cat more comfortable in my presence is to read to her. If she’s hiding under the bed, Close the door, sit on the floor and read out loud from a book or magazine. Your cat will have the chance to become familiar with your appearance, sounds and smells and become more comfortable around you. It’s important to avoid making eye contact or trying to interact with the cat; you’re there to let the cat observe you while you do something safe and nonthreatening. Intrigue your cat. As you spend quiet time with kitty, come prepared with toys, especially those she plays with when she’s ignoring you. Don’t attempt to play with her; simply make the toys available when you are in the room — and only then. You want her to welcome your presence as a harbinger of super-fun playtime. When your cat feels safer with you and begins to become more interested in you as a caregiver and toy supplier, she may begin to make overtures. Don’t rush the process. Allow kittie to come to you at her own pace. She may never be as affectionate as you’d like, but with patience and compassion, she may learn to love you on her own terms. I think he will be as affectionate as you like.  Bengals like who they know so you have to make friends with your new cat.  Sometimes new cats and kittens cry when they get to a new home because everything is strange to them, the people, the pets, and their surroundings.  Do your best to reassure kitty that you are a friend and everything will be all right.  They can be very loud .  It usually only a few  days until ktty/cat is comfortable in new surroundings with new people.  Crying is ot a reason to return a cat or kitten to the seller.

These cats are beautiful Bengals being retired from my breeding program, an opportunity for folks to have a top of the line Bengal at a  miminal price.  An opportunity for a great cat to have a loving forever home!  I have young adults ready for a new home right now!

Not everyone wants a kitten!  We have several beautiful and sweet young adults available for their forever homes with rabies shots and vaccines up to date.

 Tailwinds Airbourne

The blue linkbelow will take you to the 2010 Bengal Breed Seminar.  It is A pictorial description of the finer points of how a Bengal cat should look, including color and pattern.  This is the Standard that cat show judges use in the ring to grade a Bengal.  I found it to be very interesting and informative.  It downloads very quickly.  The majority of our kittens go to pet homes but often pet folks ask me about the qualities that make a correct Bengal, what a Bengal should look like.  If you compare our kittens to this standard you will see the quality represented in our kittens!