Luke has not been altered yet but after that is done he will be available to a forever pet home.

Deca  has gone home to Ashlees!!
The blue link above will take you to the 2010 Bengal Breed Seminar.  It is A pictorial description of the finer points of how a Bengal cat should look, including color and pattern.  This is the Standard that cat show judges use in the ring to grade a Bengal.  I found it to be very interesting and informative.  It downloads very quickly.  The majority of our kittens go to pet homes but often pet folks ask me about the qualities that make a correct Bengal, what a Bengal should look like.  If you compare our kittens to this standard you will see the quality represented in our kittens!

Parents Willow and Martin

Birthdate 3.20.2018


Tailwinds Captain Sky Walker

What should a Bengal cat look like ?


These cats are beautiful Bengals being retired from my breeding program, an opportunity for folks to have a top of the line Bengal at a fair price.  An opportunity for a great cat to have a loving forever home!  I have adults that I will be placing soon but no one ready for a new home right now.  You may be placed on a waiting list if you like.

Tailwinds Highly Decorated

Deca is Tyke and Susans Mother, Luke is their father.  This link takes you to Jean Mills last website, quite interesting!

 Our cats  are registered with The International Cat Association  (T.I.C.A.).

Our cattery name is registered with C.F.A.