What does the term "fuzzies" refer to ?

This is a generic description of natural coat changes occurring in Bengal kittens at approximately six weeks of age, when they are starting to explore and come out of their nest. Almost overnight a lovely silky contrasted coat becomes dull, ticky (light tipped hairs) and fuzzy looking. This occurrence is believed to be a natural camouflage which has come to the Bengal breed from their Asian Leopard Cat ancestors who needed the ability to be hidden from predators. Kittens are usually 12-14 weeks before fuzzies start to clear off.  

I hate to type and love to chat.  If you would like further information please email me to request our phone number so that you can call me.  I am hard of hearing so you will need some patience on the telephone!   I would rather deal with the hearing loss than type.  Most often questions asked in emails are answered here, that is one of the purposes of this page.  This is all stuff I would tell you in a conversation. Prior to contacting me please read the information  on this page as it will answer many of your questions.   I am not going to have an email conversation with you.  I  will talk with you on a CaptionCall phone, what you say is typed for me to read.  There is a very short lag time.  We have a landline, no text.

 I have raised top of the line Bengals for many years. You pay for your kitten while you are holding it.   We do not require a large deposit to hold a kitten or get you on a wait list.  We are a registered breeder, that means we paid TICA a fee so no one else can use our cattery name, Tailwinds.  We  do advertise on Hoobly, you may have found us there.  There is a lot of false information, stated as facts, on websites.  Just check it out.  I would never remit a sizable deposit without having been to the Cattery in person, scammers are expert liars.  I manage things the same way I did many years ago.  Some new breeders think they have the right to determine what others should do.  I like to treat folks the way I would like to be treated.  Most contracts have so many strings attached you barely own the cat, you will notice there is a lot for the breeder and not too much for the consumer.  If you prefer to use a contact I do have them available.  Many beeders  provide a fancy "Kitty Kit" for you, you inevitably pay for it and I know you want the fun of shopping for your new kitten.

TICA Champion Tailwinds Orpheus Song of Anjou.

TICA RW Champion Tailwinds Galaxy Leo of Primo Bengals, 3rd Best Silver Bengal Nationally.

To TICA Champion Akerrs Marauder of Fractal sired by Tailwinds Bravado of Akerrs.

​​​​​Our Cattery is open air. Our cats and kittens enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and they have the opportunity to develop very good immune systems. They love to bask in the sun. They have climbed trees, played in the leaves and chased butterflies. You will see that they are healthy, playful and loving!

Please read every word in the Briefing section..all info I think is important !

Do you need a pet carrier?
Yes you do. Carriers insure that pets arrive safely. If you forget your carrier I usually have them available. They prevent kittens from escaping from your arms or vehicle.
Are Bengal kittens good with children?
Actually the question should be will my children be good with a kitten? It is your responsibility as a parent and pet owner to teach your children how to play with the kitten the way a cat plays. Please teach your kids how to hold the kitten, not squeezing but a gentle loose hold. Purchase teaser toys, furry mice, balls etc. for the children and the kitty to have a fun time with together. Bengals are excellent retrievers, they are athletic high jumpers too. Cats do not especially like tea parties- it is your job to make sure that the cat is not a required guest for too long.  I do not release kittens younger than 12 weeks to families with small children.  Sometimes children can be hazardous to small kittens. I believe that children need pets but they also need supervision.
What should I feed my kitten?
The best cat food you can afford. You determine that by reading the ingredients and selecting the product that contains the most ingredients that you can identify as foods a cat would select if it was his choice. Would a cat select corn, soy or rice? It is not likely. A cat would select chicken, beef, duck. meat etc. Mice are actually the perfect meal for a cat. Most expensive does not necessarily mean "best. I feed dry food free choice. Water is always available. I also feed raw and wet.  Please ask me about feeding a partially raw diet.  Recipe is on the bottom of the “Queens” page.
What about my other pets?
We have one large  dog so the kittens are used to dogs. Here the kittens have many cat friends. Your pets will adjust to the kitten, just introduce them slowly and give them time to become friends and playmates.
At what age shoud a kitten be altered?
There is a trend today to spay/neuter at a very young age. I believe living things need their hormones to grow properly.  I ask that you have your kitten altered when it is 5-6 months old. You will be asked to sign a spay/neuter agreement.  Pets that are not altered can cause problems. Mature cats looking for love spray, call and attract feral cats.  Some of the larger breed cats that were prematurely spayed and neutered are having joint problems as adults.   Because Bengals have wild blood they should not be anesthetized with Ketamine.
Does my cat need to be de-clawed?
I hope not. This is up to you but it is inhumane and should be outlawed.  I doubt you could find a Vet that would do it. You provide for your cats scratching needs so indiscriminate  scratching should not be a problem. Scratching posts and scratching boxes are readily available and reasonably priced. If the cat scratches on the furniture scold him and do not be kind...it is your furniture. The only time we would consider declawing would be if the problem was so serious that you were going to rehome the cat. To rehome the cat would just pass the problem along to someone else, so out of desperation get it declawed and keep the pet you love! I will be happy to teach you how to cut kitties toe nails, just ask. Should a clawless cat get out of the house he has no way to defend himself using claws, nor can he climb a tree to safety.
Does my cat need a fancy cat tree?
No, it does not but it surely would love one! Cats are either cave dwellers or tree dwellers and cat trees accommodate this cat characteristic. There are many fun and interesting cat trees available. Complexity depends on how much money you want to spend.  Cat trees offer the cat places to scratch, play and hide.  Exercise wheels are great for busy Bengals, available on line.

Where are we located?
We are 35 miles from Dothan, Alabama-near the Alabama/Florida border. We are 15 miles north of Bonifay, Florida, you would use I -10 exit 112. We are 50 miles north of Panama City Beach. If you have a long drive you may want to take a vacation weekend to enjoy the areas beautiful beaches and pick up your kitten on the way home. We are an easy drive on  I -10  from Pensacola and Tallahassee, you would exit I-10 at exit 112.

Briefing..​ .

Jean Mill is the creator of the Bengal breed.    I am honored to have the privilege of participating in a breeding program that continues to celebrate Jean's dream of  Lap Leopards!  I am a hobby breeder who  raises sweet domestic short haired cats that are companions and pets.   My favorite color is the BST, or brown spotted tabby.  They most resemble a Leopard.



.  9.25.18 Willowblue Kaidu is the #2 Bengal in the World.  The #1 short hair

cat in the S.E. Region and the #6 cat Nationally in the T.I.C.A. Registry. Sired by Champion Tailwinds Cesare of Willowblue (We have three of his daughters!)

To get your Show/Breeder kitten/cat home:

We have used CitizenShipper and U Ship to transport live animals and found their  services to be safe and reasonable,  we have found their couriers to be caring and kind.  I am in no way associated with  u-ship or CitizenShipper.  We do have couriers to  recommend.

I charge $700. shipping by air to most destinations in the US.   Shipping is complicated at this end involving a great deal of time and travel.  Deltaflies out of the Dothan, Alabama airport.  That includes Delta's cost, a health certificate and a carrier, my gas and time.  I live 40 miles from the Vet and 50 miles from the airport but it is a very slow trip as there is construction and the speed limit much of the way is 40mph.   The Beaches International Airport ECP is about an hour away.  We are also happy to meet you at at a near by airport.

We have produced many cats that have done well in the show halls.  Brags and Congratulations to some of them below:

TICA Alter Champion Tailwinds Prince Jasper owned by Janice and John Dickerson.

CFA RW GRC Tailwinds Pegasus of KS Bengals and his son GRC KS Bengals Bruce Wayne .

TICA Champion Tailwinds Astro Naughty Not  of Cosmic Bengals.


​​We  are very proud of our beautiful Bengals, we have cats in other countries including Germany, England, Colombia, Canada, Neiderlands and Puerto Rico.  As well as several premier catteries in America.

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Have you thought about the welfare of this kitten as your life goes on?

Purchasing this kitten gives you a life time obligation to it. This kitten is yours until "death do you part". If you marry it is still your cat, if you have children it is still your cat, if you move it is still your cat. Please be sure, as best you can, that the kitten/cat will always have a place in your life and a loving home with you. Having a pet is not a fad, it is a commitment . Please assess  your future to be sure that having a pet really does work for you-now and forever! I know unforeseen things happen. I just want you to give this decision some careful thought. In the event that you could no longer keep the cat I would be happy to help you find it another home.         

​​Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

The Bengal cat is blessed with a very short pelt-like coat that requires little or no maintenance from the cat’s owner. The Bengal cat can maintain its coat with much less grooming than many other breeds of cat,  grooming is less frequent, and the sessions are shorter in duration. This leaves less saliva to dry on the hair to ultimately become dander. In addition, in a normal household situation, healthy Bengal cats shed considerably less than other breeds. This lack of shedding, keeps dander that is still attached to the hair shaft from spreading as easily - 

To RW Supreme Grand Champion Willow Blue Rodrigo sired by Champion Tailwinds Ceasare of Willow Blue .

Flight CrewStuds

Please read the information on this site prior to contacting me.  Some of your questions will be answered on this site, others can be answered when we have our telephone chat.  More about all of this in the "Briefing" section below!  Enjoy your visit and my lovely Bengals!

Breeder Cat/Kitten Requirements:

To purchase cats from me that you plan to use for breeding there are certain obligations you will have concerning housing and restrictions.     If the cat is to be housed in a cage the dimensions of the cage will not be smaller than  8' x 6' x 6' and that the cat will have access to an exercise area and/or exercise equipment (exercise wheel).  If the cat is a whole male you must provide photos of the facilities you have to house a whole male.  You will be asked to send photos of your facilities.  I do not like to place cats in "breeding only" homes, although occasionally I do.  Some people expect to get rich  producing and kittens, good luck with that.   No matter where you live there are shows with in driving distance and you will be asked to give your Tailwinds cat a chance to become a champion.  Many cats  earn their Championship in one show .   You will need to do socialization training with your cat .  Play with a variety of teaser toys. Participating in a show is lots of fun!  There are no guarantees for show achievements or capabilities for cats/kittens placed with show rights.   Please be prepared  to take the cat to at least two cat shows. 

In addition you must submit the cats pedigree to www.bengalpedigrees.com   this is not an option but a requirement you agreed to by purchasing a show/breeding cat from me.    It is very easy as my cats are all represented there, you just add your cat ’s  name and registration numbers of the parents.  Bengal-data.com  is another free pedigree site, includes health info.  I can't figure out how to use it.  :)


Our cats have been tested for PRA-b  and PKD by U.C. Davis .


The Bengal Standard in pictures viewed here

How to avoid being scamed: 

Don't pay for your kitten until you are holding your kitten!!​ Don't remit a sizable deposit unless you have   already been face to face with the breeder at their facility.  If I do not have a deposit I am not holding a kitten for you. No exceptions. You can pay a large non-refundable deposit to get on a Wait list...not knowing how long you will wait to get your kitten. Take photos of your kitten to avoid bait and switch.  

 Our cats  are registered with The International Cat Association  (T.I.C.A.)

Our cattery name , Tailwinds, is registered with

C.F.A. and T.I.C.A.

We have achieved our goal of producing beautiful cutting edge Bengals!  Many thanks to all of you who are helping us fulfill our dreams.  

If you purchased a cat from us with an agreement to show a bit you need to get with the program and thanks to those of you who  have honored our agreement.


If you are looking for a cat for a breeding program I need to know the kind of home and life you have to offer, I need to know where you live too.  Do you have facilities for a whole male?  Send me a picture of where you will keep a whole male that sprays.  Describe your plan to raise Bengals, do you have children, dogs, experience, help  ? Tell me about you.  Are you a registered breeder, are you going to be?  Do you have a website?  What are your plans and goals?  I owe it to the cats to provide them with the best home possible.

CFA Grand Champion/TICA  RW Grand Champion A-Kerrs Raised To Be Admired sired by GRC Tailwinds Bravado of Akerrs. 

​​Welcome to my world of beautiful Bengals....