Another beautiful daughter of Sully,   Mom is Tailwinds Canadair. Shuttle hasbeen spayed and is available to a loving forever home.

Flight Crew Queens

​​Tailwinds Vari"Eze"

Sully and Moonbeam

Raw recipe:

5 lbs chicken, of which 1-2 pounds is organ meat
1-2 pounds beef
1-2 jars baby squash or ½ cup canned pumpkin

Some people add a raw egg yolk (I don’t) and some about ¼ cup whole milk yogurt.

Kitty Bloom, link:

Meat grinder, link:

Grind it all up, including the chicken bones. Freeze it in ziplock bags, keeps about 3-4 days once thawed. sells meat grinders for $99.00 and they’re very good.

Serve 1 mouse-sized serving for each (adult) meal and add the kitty bloom when you serve it (1/4 tsp per serving for an adult).  This supplement is important, don’t omit it.                                                                  
Coutesy of Anjou Bengals

Ezee is spayed and ready for her forever home.

​​Tailwinds "Bomba"rdier

Sully and Moonbeam

Tailwinds  HunkyDorie

Tailwinds Space Shuttle

Dorie has never concieved but we are still hopeful.   Mom is Tailwinds Moonbeam sire is Sully.