Sired by Luke , Mom is Willow!

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Raw recipe:

5 lbs chicken, of which 1-2 pounds is organ meat
1-2 pounds beef
1-2 jars baby squash or ½ cup canned pumpkin

Some people add a raw egg yolk (I don’t) and some about ¼ cup whole milk yogurt.

Kitty Bloom, link:

Meat grinder, link:

Grind it all up, including the chicken bones. Freeze it in ziplock bags, keeps about 3-4 days once thawed. sells meat grinders for $99.00 and they’re very good.

Serve 1 mouse-sized serving for each (adult) meal and add the kitty bloom when you serve it (1/4 tsp per serving for an adult).  This supplement is important, don’t omit it.                                                                  
Coutesy of Anjou Bengals

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Cats can have all raw bones and no cooked bones.  If you offer you cat a raw chicken leg in the bathtub it is easy clean up,   You just rinse the tub out with water!

Sully and Moonbeam

Dorie has never concieved but we are still hopeful.   Mom is Tailwinds Moonbeam sire is Sully.

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Dairee is a seal lynx point "snow".

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