Available adults :

Occasionally I have retired adults available.  I don't keep  individuals in my breeding program very long because I don't like them to be caged for too long...after all, they love having kittens but would rather be sleeping on some ones bed !  I some times retain a kitten and retire the parent.  They must be altered in a pet home.  If I rehome one of my retirees to a breeding situation I expect the purchaser to have the cats welfare foremost in their thinking and actions.   Breeding the cat a time or two and placing it as an alter in a loving forever home.  Click on this to meet them, it is linked!

If you have an interest you will find my email when you are reading every word on my site!!

Mr. Slick Flashy boyswith giant rosettes and oodles of contrast!

Morisot by Moonbeam and Luke.

MALE two

Female-Aquamarine by Moonbeam and Luke.Aqua collar.  Luke carries for snow so there is a possibility she does. She is a hot sorrell with well defined markings.

Furrari has exquisite giant inky black rosetting with high contrast on a mellow  contrasted clear background.  His entire hair shaft is colored, not just the tips.  He is breathtakingly beautiful.  He is a sweet guy too.  These photos do not do any of the cats justice...they are gorgeous in person!!!  Carrying some of the World's top Bengal genetics.

Once I start taking deposits and you select your kitten I will put that kitten "on hold" for you for 7 days.  That gives you seven days to get your deposit to me, or come here to collect your new baby if the release date has passed.  If  I have not received your deposit by the end of the seventh day the kitten will no longer  be on hold for you and will be available for adoption by someone else.   You should send me a picture of your deposit so I know it is on the way as they don't always get here very fast.

Moonbeam and Luke have kittens born  6/3/2019 .  All with big dark rosetting and stunning!  Pictured on this page.

Tove girl, by Moonbeam and Luke.  green collar

 If I sent you photos it would be the same photos represented here.  Once I send you my phone number you will need to call me, I will NOT have an email conversation with you.  99% of the questions you might ask are already answered here on this site so  please do not inquire further until you have read the Briefing page.  How old is the kitten ?  His birthdate is given by his litter pictures.  Who are kittens parents? Names given by litter pictures, parents are usually pictured on this site.  Kittens have a projected release date but they are not necessarily released then, we have to see how they are developing as individuals.

How to purchase a kitten-

Choose a kitty from website photos on our Kittens page, or make an appointment with me to come here to select a kitten in person.  A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a kitten for you. When you tell me you want a specific kitten and are sending a deposit I will hold the kitten/cat for you for seven days.  Let me know when you have sent your deposit.  If I have not received your deposit  in seven days the kitten/cat will no longer be on hold for you and will  be available for purchase by others.  When I have your deposit I will indicate that your kitty is  going home with you.  Kittens are often ready to come home on an individual basis but I usually have a tentative release date at which time you can most likely  bring your new baby home.

Meet Mr. Gray !

To see more  kittens  (if we have more)  please go to the "Kittens 2" link!

 What is it going to cost you ?

Law prohibits the shipment of kits/cats going into pet homes, a pet buyer must have the kitten handed off to them by the seller in person, or have selected the kitten in person to be shipped at a later date. You can no longer purchase a kitten sight unseen. I live in a rural area with no major metropolis near by. People who adopt my kitties often drive long distances. The price and the quality entice folks to do that! If I lived in a city my kittens would be priced from $1,500. to $1,800. for a pet. You can check that out on the internet, please do.  Kittens/cats placed for show/breeding may be shipped.

 Kittens are priced individually according to how closely they meet the T.I.C.A. Bengal standard.  Like everything else the prettiest  are the most  costly.  Marble kitties are lower priced  as their patterns develop slowly so when they ready to go home their patterns have not reached maturity making them harder to place.  They are beautiful Bengals which cost a bit less.  Pet priced Marble kittens start at $500 and rosetted kittens start at $1,100.  kittens for breeding/show cost more.   If you are a show home I will offer you a very fair price!  I  offer a 10% military discount. :)  I do not place kittens for breeding only.

Yes, I know there are kittens less expensive than mine, chances are there is not much comparison.

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Female-Lilla by Moonbeam and Luke. green collar.

‚ÄčHow can I help my kitten/cat adjust to a new home?

The bathroom is a very busy place and a safe place to keep your new kitten while it gets used to your home, family and other pets.  Your kitten is scared and very stressed He is with strangers in a strange environment and none of his friends are there so he feels like he is alone too.  His mother's comfort is no longer available either.  Cats are much like men in that the key to winning their affection is with back rubs and yummy snacks!  Provide special treats (deli turkey is good) to coax the kitten to come to you. Then hold him and love on him.  Get teaser toys to engage him in play. All family members can participate.  The smells of the kitten and your other pets will be carried back and forth on hands and clothing making each aware of the others presence making introductions less stressful. If you just plunk him down in the house he will most likely hide under the couch for a very long time.   He then has potential to run out an open door and he will probably pee on your bed.    You can bring him out to sit on your lap and watch TV but he can not be allowed to free roam your home, yet.  He can be allowed to free roam your home when you go in the bathroom and he runs to greet you and clearly recognizes you as "his".  That will be when all fear and stress is gone.  This is NOT optional, If you are not willing to follow my instructions please do not purchase a kitten/cat  from me.

(Remember no clumping litter for baby cats.)  If you house is large you may need to have several litter boxes to begin with.  Sometimes toddlers have a hard time getting to the potty box in time.  Plastic storage containers with a hole cut in the lid make the best litter boxes for older kittens and cats.