We have done testing, all of cats for PRA-b and PK-def  all results  are N/N (negative).  Testing was done by UC Davis.

Anniston Cat Show:

This great guy is altered and going to his retirement in North Carolina.  He is also the father of our available kittens.

Sully in the kitten class at the Anniston show #60

​​​​Our Cattery is open air. Our cats and kittens enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and they have the opportunity to develop very good immune systems. They love to bask in the sun. They have climbed trees, played in the leaves and chased butterflies. You will see that they are healthy, playful and loving!

Griller has been tested by Optimal Selections, all tests are negative.

Rest assured, this is not a scam site.  You pay for your kitten while you are holding it.  We do not require a large deposit to hold a kitten or get you on a wait list.  We are a registered breeder, that just means we paid TICA a fee so no one else can use our cattery name, Tailwinds.  We  do advertise on Hoobly, there are many good breeders selling there.  There is alot of false information, stated as facts, on websites.  Just check it out.

Many thanks to Jan & John at 2JSJems for letting me have this stunning boy sired by Manglar Russian Love of 2jsJems,  his Mom is Tailwinds B29 Enola Gay.

Another beautiful son of Sully,   Mom is Sky Writer.

Here I am with Sully telling the gallery why Sully deserved his 6th place win in Judge Holmes All breed kitten finals, that means that of all the long haired and short haired kittens he was her 6th favorite!

Sire is  RW SGC Bengaland Henry !! owned by Anjou Bengals.

Tailwinds Airbourne

Mom-Tailspin Eleanor of Anjou

Reference Sires:

T.I.C.A. Judge Philippa Holmes giving Sully a 2nd place Final from her shorthair kitten classes.  That means that of all the short  haired kittens entered he got second place!


 Tailwinds Kingsford

Flight Crew Captains

Airbourne is available for rehoming as a whole male to an approved cattery.  He is beautiful, sweet, no rib bars, nice tail, excellent markings pretty head and personality plus.  Also proven.  He has an exceptional pedigree that includes many famous cats that donated richly to making the beautiful cats we have today.  Pedigree available at www.bengalpedigrees.com

Tailwinds Captain Sky Walker

"Charleys" dad is RW SGC Willow Blue Rodrigo, brother to TICA's  #2 Bengal SGC Willowblue 's Kaidu, their father is Champion Tailwinds Cesare.  Many thanks to Pam and Archie at Willowblue for entrusting us with this extroidnary boy!

Another beautiful son of Sully,   Mom is Tailwinds Moonbeam. Pictured at 11 weeks.

Updated September 11, 2019


   Anjou Captain Sullenberger 


Willowblue Lindbergh of Tailwinds

Here is Sully  sleeps!

​To view the pedigree  of a Tailwinds cat please go to:     


Where it says "prefix" you type in "tailwinds".  A list opens 

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