Piper may carry for charcoal as her mother does, she may carry for snow as her father does.

Piper Cub by Cana and Luke, female on hold for evaluation.

He is a black spotted tabby even though he looks silver in some of the photos.

Sweet may carry for charcoal as his mother does, he may carry for snow as his father does.

This is a correct Bengal tail!

update 9.28.2019

Photos taken when the kitties were just a few hours old.

Meet Mr. Sweet, his name says it all !

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Miss Piper Cub


Update 5.5.2019

Available..photos soon

​​​Kittens:  2

Canadair and Luke have  black spotted tabby kittens born 06.14/2019.   She made my day, sweet thing!

male by Moonbeam and Luke.