Available list :

Wild at Heart -Skyhawk/Louis girl on hold.

Update 5/6/2021

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SA -Silver rosetted female

Available..photos soon

Skyhawk/Louis  rosetted boy.

Expected Kittens list :

Frankie-Skyhawk/Louis boy on hold.

Skyhawk and Louis have four brown spotted spotted tabby kittens born April 16.  Let us know if you would like to join our waiting list.   All have lovely rosettes. One darling boy is available.

Queens Females

Canadair/Alexander kittens due May 28

​​​Kittens:  2

2 Daneman-Spitfire/Alex girls on hold.

VH-Skyhawk/Louis POL boy on hold.

Waiting list :

JM -​Spitfire/Alex Charcoal male on hold

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