This is Ruki. Ruki lives at Wild at Heart Begals.  His parents are Alexander and Canadair.  Ruki is a charcoal Bengal.

Cana and Alex have done it again, all beauties!  All very sweet and charming.  They have beautiful tight, short silky glittered pelts with contrast as good as it gets.  Petting them is a treat, they feel so good.  In the photos you can how nicely their patterns have opened in to wonderful rosetting.  Lovely heads, and expressions.  The eye color, green or aqua (can not tell for sure yet) will be excellent.  Born June 1, 2021.

Cash, charcoal male has gone home with Janice and John!  

Reuben is a sweet beauty.  He has a very slick sleek silky pelt laced with glitter and shine, just stunning.  He has wonderful contrast and excellent rosetting.  He is full fun and mischief and waiting for his forever family to come and get him.

page update 9/10/21

Photos 8.24.2021

eleven weeks old

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Queens Females

MistyDee, charcoal female has gone home with Debbie and Jerry !  

​​​Kittens:  2

Available..photos soon

Reuben, black ​rosetted tabby male is available!

Flight Crew​Studs