Bantam Rumpless Araucana

     Lay beautiful blue/green eggs

     Very rare  and hard to hatch


normal feathered, silken and frizzled.

 Swedish Flower Hens

​My lovely 3 year old flock is available for $200. laying well now. I have too many chickens.  1 rooster and 6 hens.

  Porcelain D'Uccles bantam

Chickens are my hobby.  I love the unique breeds , sizes and colors.  My husband loves the eggs! 

Huck's Cluckers

 Old English Porcelain Bantam Pearl

Rumpies are not bred color true. They are extremely rare.

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Blue D'Uccles bantam

 Old English Fawn Bantam 

Columbian D'Uccles bantam

Black East India Bantam Ducks

My choice as predators don't bother them much.